This Johnstone Project titled 'Ascension to Red.' is a retail experience that promotes the values and possibilities of Duncan Jordanstone College of Art and Design. Visitors to the retail unit are encouraged to view the art work on display and ponder the possibilites of attending art school. 

This retail installation embodies the spirit and attitude of students within DJCAD. The unit is split into two worlds, the red and the white. The colour red is used throughout to represent the passion, power, strength and determination of the current students as well as reflecting the current branding of the university. White is used to emit a cold, still, empty and utilitarian feeling. The red room will be used as a an area for current students to display and promote thier work to visitors and prospective students. 


Striking and visible from the outside, the viewer sees a corridor of stairs in brilliant red. It is the centrepiece of the design and intended to be a talking point to encourage more users to visit the space. The staircase is a representation of the passages and corridors we take in order to achieve height and advance in life.


The staircase in the centre is used as a transitional element from one space and time of your life to another. When you ascend you leave the world you stood in and enter the red room of possibilities. The transition from white to red in the staircase signifies a transition from safety to passion. Emptiness to fullness. The user should feel inspired by the atmosphere and works within the room, leaving a feeling of desire and want as they descend back down into the white world when they leave. This retail space should inspire the user to think about thier life in the form of colour, and wether they want to leave the white world and join the red.