Finish The Tower.

‘Cascade’ encourages users to engage with the church community by bringing the colour and ideology of the church from its interior to the street. Inspired by the understated and often subtle colours that emerge from the original concrete structure of the existing church, ‘Cascade’ aims to exaggerate and illuminate the colours that already appear to leak out from the structure. With the removal of the tower this landscape aims to make a monument of the church and encourage visitors locally and from afar.

Inspiration was taken from MVRDV’s Future Towers and Staircase to Criterion projects. These  spatial interventions sparked the notion of ascending and interacting in an outdoor space. Herzog de Meuron’s Caixa Forum appears to levitate the structure and frames the activity inside the building. This idea is applied to the current design proposal. 

The original steel structure is exposed and manipulated to create an aperture which invites users to ascend into the heart of the colourful community within the church. This approach opens up the main entrance of the church to reveal its community to the street. This orange landscape pours from aisle to street level inviting the public and existing community to occupy and take part in public interactions with each other. This vista encourages users to sit, talk, think and play in view of the street and gives centre stage to the community. 


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.