August 15, 2017

All films are stories. But not all of them actually feel like a story book. I feel that Wes Anderson manages to turn his movies into visual/moving stories. You become immersed in the colour, characters, the dialogue. He manages to make you forget which world you actually belong to.

Wes Anderson was born in Texas in the late 60’s (1969). He attended University in Texas and studied Philosophy. During that time he took classes in screenwriting, where he met actor and fellow collaborator Owen Wilson. They meeting helped to kick off a long time collaboration starting with their first film ‘Bottlerocket’. A box office bomb, but a hit with the critics and now a cult classic.

Anderson has themes of childhood innocence running throughout many of his movies. Especially Moonrise Kingdom (above image). This image is of Sam and Suzy who ar...

August 15, 2017

Today I performed my Pecha Kucha presentation on Wes Anderson in front of my peers. I was extremely nervous and will admit I had a cheeky Stella Artois before hand to steady myself. This really helped to boost my confidence and my lecturer had told me previously Pecha Kucha was supposed to be informal and relaxed. This technique seemed to really help me get into the swing of things. When I stood up to speak I started my presentation a little shakey but once I began to speak about Anderson’s work I felt inspired and most of the words came naturally.

I spoke about how Anderson involves themes of childhood nostalgia and uses settings, characterisation, colour palettes and many other techniques to achieve this. I also talked about how we create palettes and identities for ourselves. I created my own colour palette for my outfit t...

August 15, 2017

After deciding on my creative hero I made a start at piecing together information and themes for my Pecha Kucha. I started by creating a folder full of images depicting certain styles that Anderson is famous for. This gave me a good base for what I was going to talk about.

After going through my images and re-watching a few of his films I started to piece together the reasons why I love his designs so much. They remind me of my childhood. They give me a sense of nostalgia and make me remember the way my brain worked when I was growing up. The pastel colour palettes and story like directorial techniques make me feel like I’m back in my childhood.

There is a strong theme of childhood innocence throughout his films. And he uses the colours, characterisation, set design and many other visual elements to enhance that. I feel that h...

August 14, 2017

We had been asked to think about our creative hero, in terms of our chosen discipline. My discipline is Interior and Environmental Design, so I started looking at creatives who were known for immersive art, installations and interiors, also community Interaction projects. After deciding on our hero we have been asked to perform a Pecha Kucha style presentation in front of our peers about our chosen creative design hero. This is a short presentation which includes the use of 20 slides (1 picture per slide) which are only shown for 20 seconds each.

There are a few designers that inspire me. I think the biggest problem for me at the start of this project was, who the heck do I chose? Who can I talk about effortlessly and passionately? I began looking at the work of people like, the Bourroullec Brothers and the design company Hea...

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This page contains my work and findings whilst preparing my Pecha Kucha performance. 

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