• Lee Johnstone

Have you heard of Pecha Kucha?

We had been asked to think about our creative hero, in terms of our chosen discipline. My discipline is Interior and Environmental Design, so I started looking at creatives who were known for immersive art, installations and interiors, also community Interaction projects. After deciding on our hero we have been asked to perform a Pecha Kucha style presentation in front of our peers about our chosen creative design hero. This is a short presentation which includes the use of 20 slides (1 picture per slide) which are only shown for 20 seconds each.

There are a few designers that inspire me. I think the biggest problem for me at the start of this project was, who the heck do I chose? Who can I talk about effortlessly and passionately? I began looking at the work of people like, the Bourroullec Brothers and the design company Heatherwick. Both have produced work which I find quite interesting. The B Brothers have designed quite a few public installations which I appreciate and Heatherwick’s Bombay Sapphire project and folding bridge are both spectacular designs. However I didn’t feel a massive draw to them, their designs are beautiful but not ones I am completely passionate about.

I also considered Aberrant Architecture. Their designs were focused towards community and serves the publics interest. They have designed travelling theatres and markets, public stages but my favourite was Rosemary Works School. It is a sensory heaven for younger kids. Soft curtains, bright warm colours. The design is beautiful.

I was about set to start creating my Pecha Kucha talk around Aberrant Architecture when I had a sudden realisation. I realised I was limiting myself to designers who are primarily concerned with the buildings or products and realised I hadn’t really thought about who I admire personally and not just within academia. I was deciding how to unwind for the night and was thinking about watching a Wes Anderson film. I have a deep appreciation for the effort and imagination that Anderson puts into the design of his films. I decided immediately that this was who I was going to base my Pecha Kucha on.

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