This project is a transformation of an abused, unappreciated space in an art school which is often used as a corridor, and with users spending very little time in this area. Reflectivity is an adaptive reuse of this space that encourages users to admire and observe their surroundings and reflect in what they see. 

First hand research within the school shows that students quite often pace down the corridor with no thought to look up and observe, but instead keep their sights pinned to their mirrored phone screens. The mirror used within the space serves as a view and reflection upon life within DJCAD art school. Against the monochromatic background of the interior, the addition of diversity and colour that the students bring to the school is exaggerated against the backdrop. The student’s identity becomes a focal point in the reflections of the interior. 

The seating area should be a space for users to feel comfortable delving into deep thought and reflection. Inspiration was taken from the Bourroullec Borthers Installation, ‘Textile Field’. Seating is angled to ensure users recline to fully absorb their surroundings.

This re-design embraces and reflects the original architecture of the building with the inclusion of the ever-changing and diverse nature of the students. Lives in the art school will be reflected in the wider expanse of the room instead of the black mirror we forever watch others, and our own lives through.