The Hostel.

The Bothy hostel is designed to encourage storytelling and to inspire users to disconnect from reality. Recent research has found that the millennial generation use hostels as a way to travel on a budget. This generation have fuelled what is now known as ‘the experience economy’ as they value experiences over possessions. This experience is then transformed into a story which is either posted on social media for others to see or re-told to friends and family. 


Films created by Wes Anderson were key to inspiring the small world that is The Bothy. Anderson frequently uses themes of childhood nostalgia to encourage the viewer to forget about sensibilities and responsibilities. He is a master of storytelling and extremely successful at building worlds which draw the user in and inspire curiosity and imaginativeness. The hostel is designed to feel like a small world within Dundee that is the backdrop for the travellers trip. The environment blurs the line between fantasy and reality  in a way that is whimsical and playful.


The experience of the hostel mimics that of a bothy. The building is a temporary shelter for the night that allows you to share with strangers and settle yourself in a foreign landscape. Just like bothies, the hostel embraces the nature of secrecy and uncertainty in its surreal environment and covert spaces. This hostel aims to further the typical tourist experience of Dundee as you enter a whole new world entirely.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.